Strange issues with horizontal vs. vertical layout of container


I have a strange issue with the horizontal vs. vertical layout in a container (tested in preview apps 2.5.12 both on iOS and Android):
In my scenario, I have a container which contains two other containers. The second one of these containers might be set to “visible = false”.
With layout=vertical, it looks like this:

Now if I change the outer container to layout=horizontal, it looks like this:

=> the texts are missing.

Any idea what the issue could be here?

@Appgyver team, you can have a look with:
App ID: 190464
Click on “Button” to get there.
To change the container layout, open page “Quest Setup” and change Container “HorizontalAlignmentIssueContainer” layout to Vertical.

In the end I want to achieve the following: I have two boxes where the second one is one sometimes shown depending on data. Both containers should be shown in the middle of the screen next to each other if the screen size permits. On smartphones, the children should be wrapped → it should go into vertical layout.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Can I get a picture of your page layout or some sort of screenshot where I can see the different containers, which is the one that layout you are changing, and which is sometimes set as visible=false?

The container I put visible or not is called “Invisible Container”.
If it would be visible, it looks like this:

For the container that your are toggling its layout to horizontal and vertical, does it have specific dimensions, height and width? One reason for the texts disappearing is if they can’t fit into the container :thinking:

Nope, I did not set any dimensions.