Strict CORS policy?

Hello. I use the visual programming platform for application back-end logic. But as we found out, directual has not yet enabled the ability to handle HTTP-options. And because of that, I can’t create a record. As I was told, some platforms, have a stricter CORS policy and you don’t allow resources with cors header= *. You don’t send regular get/post requests, you send an option.

Is it possible to remove this restriction for my application?

Hi, I’m sorry, but we have a strict CORS policy :confused: You could try with a HTTP Request node, but that might also need CORS.

It’s okay and you’re doing the right thing. Safety first!

I am happy to report that the Directual team has made changes and added OPTION and I am now successfully integrating this platform with Appgyver.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing! :tada: