Stripe data configurator question

I was testing to see if I could connect Stripe via the Data configurator. I have it working in cURL: the same resource URL and authorization header works there but when I test it in Appgyver I get Error: [object Response] Resource settings for Get collection (GET).

The resource URL is
The authorization is in the form of of header like Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Those are the only two requirements to fetch all transactions. Anyone have any thoughts as to why this would not return a result? Sorry if the answer is obvious - I could not find anything.

Iā€™d look at the request in the browser network inspector. See if everything is correct and what the response actually is.

Thank you! Turns out it was a 404 because of that trailing slash. Removed that slash and everything worked.

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Is there any chance you can share the curl method of integrating stripe. Searched through hundreds of threads and it seems like you have the solution. Any help will be much appreciated. @adam_rose

Yes PLEASE share your Stripe Integration solution. There is much demand for this. Thank you!

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