Stripe intergration

Hi, I’ve just successfully implemented Stripe into my current project and not sure if someone still trying/waiting for this ? I found threads about Stripe months ago, I will post a full detailed instruction soon…


Please post it soon. Thanks

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I am waiting for… Tks

Please post instructions soon!

@max_Versteeg @Luiz_Roberto_Putzeys @Donnico_Miller

I’ve posted the instruction.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve been putting off this task in my project because I didn’t have the research mojo to put it all together.

@max_Versteeg @Luiz_Roberto_Putzeys @Donnico_Miller @BryanB Hey guys, have you succeed in implementing stripe, because I have some problems with the Request body and Request body type, I’m just wondering how I input those 2 informations in the POST Data configurator? Or maybe @Cecilia @Mari could help me with this issue…