Stripe payment & card info share

Hi there

I’m totally mind blown by Appgyver discovery a couple weeks ago, yet before learning more I’d really like to know if I can integrate Stripe or any other kind of in-app payment as that’s the core need of our delivery app.

Here’s what would be the optimal use and need:

  1. User creates profile with card data, with customized style fields
  2. Info is stored for future transactions and shared with external delivery service (maybe a provider secondary app)

Is this possible? Or will this be available with the new SAP acquisition?

Thank you very much!

This can be scripted from the API side, to generate a token and then another api to “spend” with the token .

Do you know about a tutorial or video to learn about this topic? I would really appreciate it as I’m quite a beginner :grimacing:

What are you using as a backend?

Hi Kevin, I am using firebase and I am after integrating a payment gateway. I am open to any backend suggestions as long as I can have this in the app.