Strugging with making a barcode scanner function using API


I’ve made a few posts recently regarding this app but decided that it’ll be best to ask all questions in one thread.

I know I’m pretty much asking to be spoon fed but I’ve read the documentation regarding this and struggling to make it function so apologises in advance.

So the idea is simple.

click scan → scan barcode → if valid in rest api database return all fields related to barcode on results page.

I’ve included screenshots of my AirTable layout and layout of my results page.

Once I’ve made the link and can make this function I think I’m nearly ready for publish so any information or help is appreciated.




This is actually more about your backend setup than anything else. You have to have a (REST API) database where you can GET (or POST, I guess) with a barcode id, which then returns either the item, or null. Then configure that into Composer (onto Data tab).

The base logic in Composer would be Scan QR Code > Get (or Create, if POST) Record.

Hi Mevi,

Thanks for your reply, I have managed to setup a REST API connection using airtable but when I tried and pull data using GET it only returns the barcode and not any of the other results from the other fields.

Is there a way to make the API return all results under the scanned barcode?

Thanks again



hi there! I think seeing your post inspired me to look into this API, and I ended up creating a complete tutorial on this very subject.

I think you’ll find it quite helpful :slight_smile:

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