Struggling to configure iOS build - please help

Hello All,
I am following steps in the documentation however I am failing to set up builds properly:

(Please note that I have already used both app from different providers so probably the issue comes from previous settings)

Generation of p12 file seems straightforward however I do not know which type provisioning profile to choose (I want to upload build to apple account to test flight then submit for appstore review) - what should be the process? Keep on getting this error: “Command failed with exit code 65 (EHOSTUNREACH):”


Sorry for taking so long to respond! Are you still experiencing this issue? The provisioning profile in this case would be Distribution - App Store

thanks Cecilia! it is all good - I had not add google file to the build - it is actually not clearly stated in the docs so it would be cool to update it

Great that it works! And yes very good idea, I’ll pass this suggestions along to get it added to the docs :slight_smile: