Stuck on Tutorial "Data - 1/5 Creating Data"

Hello hello!
My first post here and lovin the whole experience so far!
I’ve gone through all the tutorial so far pretty smooth but have run into an issue with the Creating Data tutorial.
I followed all the steps, but can’t seem to successfully create a data entry. My OCD now kickin in, I even recreated the app from scratch and redid all steps carefully.
For debugging, I finally added an alert to output the error message and am getting the following:

Can’t figure out what the authorization is about. I am using the appgyver cloud storage as indicated and there really isn’t much to be configured…
Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @SamGold, welcome to the community! Thanks for reaching out, this is a bug on our side. Sorry for the inconvenience, let’s get this fixed so you can continue learning! :slight_smile:

EDIT: The fix has been made and should be released soon

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Just tested it and it’s working!
Thanks a lot for the quick response @Mari ! :tada:

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Dear AppGyver Team,

I’ve encountered this similar error today, which led me to believes is a bug.

Me too. I’m currently stuck in the 1/5 tutorial of the Data learning path.

I am new to AppGyver, and have been going through the tutorials and I’m stuck at the same 1/5 of the Data learning path. I’ve successfully completed all of the steps, but the tutorial doesn’t recognize it and I cannot advance to the next lesson (as far as I’m aware).

I also am experiencing this problem - it looks like I can continue to other lessons but I’m not sure if it’ll allow me to “pass” those.

Me too, tutorial doesn’t recognize all steps

Also stuck, on the first intro 1/5. Not recognizing steps I’m taking. Bad look for AppGyver