Styles / Layouts - transfer to other apps

If I create styles or palettes in one app, can I reuse in another app?

What is the “default Layout Container style class”, how do I know which style is the default, and why can I not edit it?

Is there some sort of mapping of the theme variable names ($) to specific properties? Is this predefined? Can I create my own property and then define a theme variable for it?

And finally, do people go through the trouble of defining all these interconnecting styles, palettes, variables, bindings, smart colors?

Is this a reasonable way to look at all the style options?

No, I don´t bother. There is so much a user can do to mess it all up anyway. If they change the default font size on their device it gets messy quickly.

One my info screen I have an option for people to adjust the default padding on all my text box backgrounds if the text runs over the edge of the box (because their font size is increased). It works and its simple.

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