SuccessFactors BTP Destination not working


I’m trying to use the SAP SuccessFactors metadata in AppGyver as a BTP destination.

BTP Destination configuration:


AppGyver: NOK - (No data entities are found)

I tried using Northwind with the same BTP dest. configuration and everything works ok.

BTP Destination configuration:


AppGyver: OK

Any idea why this doesn’t work with the SuccessFactors destination? Is it because of the size of the metadata? Is this a limitation, or am I doing anything wrong?

Hello @Joao_Ribeiro , I reported a problem with the SFSF ODATA Data Source not working some time ago (via Slack, @Mevi ).

Two things:
Firstly, it means that this is not related to the recently introduced support of the BTP destinations but is rather related to an issue [allegedly on the Appgyver side ?] when it comes to parsing the edmx returned by SuccessFactors ODATA endpoint;

Secondly, as a workaround, I have proxied the SFSF ODATA with SAP Graph service. That works for me for the time being.
I hope that helps; kind regards; Piotr