Suggestion for App Backups

I know this has been brought up before, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I would feel a whole lot better knowing my app was backed up somewhere just in case, That Delete button is just waiting to be pressed errantly, and often times our apps are so large and complex that rebuilding them from scratch would be daunting, if not impossible.

Some ability to be able to Restore our app in case of disaster would be welcome. Even if this service could be offered for a fee (albeit a small one) i would be willing to pay for that within reason.


Agree with John.

Revert button is great. It would be even better to have ability to create a Snapshot/Back up at certain crucial stages. Maybe ability to clone app would fix this in an easy way? Sometimes I change so much I wish I could return return to the stable version and restart…


We hear you – definitely trying to figure out a sensible way to bridge the gap between having some valuable features only available under the enterprise license and making the free/non-enterprise tier development as great as possible. Thanks for the feedback!