SUM_BY_KEY is not work

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I have same problem with it formula.

I use REST API DATA BASE, this structure:

I use next formulas to get SUM_BY_KEY:

But have a SUM as “0” in result.
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Help me ASAP, please

The formula is correct, have you checked that there are in fact items in the selected list?

It seems, that REST API initially defines a field with a number as a string, and even when replacing the fields in the base field scheme with a numeric one, the formula SUM_BY_KEY does not work. How to correctly set up the fields so that they are understood by this formula (SUM_BY_KEY) as numbers?

Foe example, formula SUM([NUMBER(PICK_ITEM(data.ARENDA1,3).rent_area_object),NUMBER(PICK_ITEM(data.ARENDA1,4).rent_area_object)]) - it work correct, but same action with SUM_BY_KEY is not work correct

Hi, you can first MAP through the data, pick the wanted field values and transform them into numbers:

MAP(data.items, {field: NUMBER(item.field)})

Then do the sum on this list:

SUM_BY_KEY( <previous formula here> , "field")