Sum on device storage DB

hi. i’m trying to sum this column

the database schema is

source i’ve read
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solution i’ve tried
SUM(MAP(data.recipeingrDB1, item.rcpingrcostqty))
SUM_BY_KEY(data.recipeingrDB1, “rcpingrcostqty”)
SUM(MAP(data.recipeingrDB1, NUMBER(item.rcpingrcostqty)))
SUM_BY_KEY(MAP(data.recipeingrDB1, {field: NUMBER(item.rcpingrcostqty)}), “rcpingrcostqty”) validation value “rcpingrcostqty” is not equal to “field”
REDUCE(data.recipeingrDB1, item.rcpingrcostqty)
REDUCE_INIT(data.recipeingrDB1, 0, accumulator + item.rcpingrcostqty)

nothing works. it return as null or 0
can anybody help me on this.

ok then…

ok. in desperation i tried to put the formula directly in the input field value (not as a page var) it says “require an inversible formula”. i get it. in needs to work both way. then i try the same but this time in the placeholder value
boom! it works.

then i try to set the formula to a page var (number type), set the placeholder value to said page var. it failed. return as 0.

try the same with text component
works with direct formula input. didn"t work with page var.

conclusion, formula worked, but can"t set to page var with the formula. :man_shrugging: