Summary of weirdness

When the preview/emulator finally starts working (after 5+ min of the spinner) here’s a summary of what I’ve found …

  1. Have an issue where a page variable (list of objects) is updated and the Icon List Item component is not being refreshed. Works fine in the previous version.

  2. Some events are not triggering on app load. Added some pop-up alerts to try and figure out what’s happening.

Both of these events are triggered at the same time during a successful login.

2a) This event in the Global canvas IS NOT triggered …

2b) This event in the Global canvas IS triggered however the later steps do not run. The later alerts do not appear (at least one should appear) and app data variable is empty.

  1. Border width is not being displayed in the new preview.

Here’s the setting when you go into isolation mode …


3a) Old preview app … (space between list items)


3b) New preview app … (no space between list items)


App ID is 93291 if you want to take a look.


A lot of the new runtime issues have been fixed by now :pray: did the fixes resolve any of these issues?

Hi @Cecilia

The only thing that seems to be better is that the preview/emulator is loading within 3 to 5 seconds.

However, none of the app issues listed above have been resolved.

Hi @Harri_Sarsa … curious on when these issues will be addressed. Should I open up separate bug reports for each?

Any update as to the stability of the new version? The new preview app on iOS is unusable (just see spinner and never loads the app). Using the web preview, I still see the issues listed above.

Hey, sorry again for the late response! :disappointed:

First of all for the border width issue, to get space between list items I would suggest using margins instead of border width.

As for the app not loading, have you experienced this for a long time? We have noticed some instances of apps not loading for brief amounts of time, but if you’ve experienced it longer it should definitely get looked at more carefully. I’m guessing you’ve already checked these, but make sure that the page parameters on any page/pages that are open when you open the app (the first page and any other pages in the navigation menu). Also check that the first page you open has a hide spinner logic attached to the page mounted event.

As for the list of objects not being updated in the Icon List component, I just tried this and it seemed to work. Have you updated all components in Composer? If yes, then what is the schema of the list of objects like? I can try again with a more exact replication to see where the problem lies.

About the events not triggering, seems definitely like a bug, I’ll file a bug report about it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

And again, sorry for all the inconveniences! Let’s try to get it working soon so your development can continue as normal.

Hi @Cecilia … Thanks for the update.

  1. I’ll look into margins for the border width issue

  2. Preview app still does not bring up my app. I just checked with …

  • v2.4.24 via TestFlight
  • v2.4.27 from the app store
  • and the web preview

In all cases just getting the spinner.

It has worked on these platforms, but very rarely (maybe 1 out of 10 times when I randomly check can I get into the app - that’s how I got the screenshots) so I know it not spinner/page issues.

Works fine in the AG Legend app and the preview-legend via web.

At this point, the new version is unusable for me because I can’t test/debug.

  1. For the list of objects not being updated … on component tap I a) update the current object as done in toggle completed activity via javascript, b) check if the habit streak is done in weekDone via javascript, and then c) force activity object to update by resetting the page variable.

So in essence, I’m updating the object directly via javascript and forcing a refresh.

The reason that I do this is so that the user completing their habit sees the habit updating in the list right away. I then complete the database update in the background.

There’s about a 1 to 2 second delay in toggling the update if I wait for the update and refresh the object from the database. Which is not the best user experience.

The approach works fine in AG Legend.

  1. If you need any more info about events not triggering let me know.


When you open the app in web preview, can you see any errors in the console in your browser? So open the console by Cmd + Opt + J / Ctrl + Shift + J and then open the app in the web preview. Do you get any errors? If you do, please post screenshots of them. Thanks!

Here are the console errors from browser …

It’s blank until after 1 to 2 min then first 2 messages appear.
After another 1 to 2 min, next 2 messages appear.
Then after another 1 to 2 min, app starts …

Thanks for the screenshots! That error is due to an issue we are working on top priority to get it fixed. Unfortunately there is not much to do for a workaround in this case, other than using the Legend app. The problem should be fixed soon :pray:

Hi @Cecilia

Can you provide an update on …

  1. ETA on when the issues with the Preview app will be fixed?

  2. Did you file a bug report for the event not triggering issue?

  3. Have you had a chance to review the list of objects not being updated issue?

Tx … Ron

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  1. We’re fixing the problem but have not yet located the core issue, it’s a work in progress so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  2. Do you see any errors in the console, like in locating the error of your app not loading, when those events should be triggered? As for the Load Help Messages issue it would seem that there’s something off with the Get Record function if the alerts do not appear after ir.

  3. Are you able to confirm that the list of objects gets the correct value, but the icon list does not display it correctly? Or does the list of objects not get updated at all?

Hi @Cecilia

  1. Was able to get into the preview app this morning. Seems to be working both on iOS and web.

  2. The event not triggering issue seems to be fixed. The events are triggering and the variables are being populated. I will continue to monitor.

  3. Regarding the list of objects not being updated. Yes, the object is being updated (directly via javascript). When I leave the page and come back, the list item is marked as complete.

In the old preview, when I updated the object, this automatically triggered a refresh of the object so that the list item was toggled in real time.

I’m playing around with some of the event triggering options to see if I can trigger a refresh of the list so that the item appears toggled when a user marks an item as complete. However, when I do this there is a slight delay between the tap and the refresh which is not the best user experience.

Hi @Cecilia

I think I found the issue with 3. list of objects not being updated

When a user tapped the current list item, I was marking it as complete by updating the current row inside the object via javascript and it looks like in the new version this is no longer supported.

The reason that I did this is that I wanted an immediate update to the row via component tap instead of the 1 to 2 second delay of writing to the database and forcing a refresh.

In the AppGyver documentation it clearly says that objects in Javascript are static and that they are never dynamic references to the value’s original source.

It looks like I was exploiting a bug in the old version as I was able to update the original via javascript.

I will have to figure out a workaround for this.

Any suggestions on how to update a row within an object without having to write to the database and forcing a refresh?


Great that you got everything working :tada:

Hmm to avoid updating the database, so the information you want to eventually update into the database is stored in a list of objects type of page variable. Usually I prefer to use formulas in Set page variable to update objects, and if it is a repeating list you can make use of the current variable to update a specific object, and the formula SET_KEY to update a certain row within an object. Updating page variables should not cause that much of a delay. Then, adding a save button which eventually writes all info into the database at once, causing the small delay in database updating happen only once and not with every toggle of an item.

How complex is the javascript on your nodes, is it something you could achieve with formulas in the Set page variable flow function?

Another idea I just realized is to toggle the visibility of the items to “false” when the item is tapped. So for the user it would look like instant deletion even though the process is still happening with a slight delay in the background.

Thanks … I was able to get it working via javascript

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