Super Newbie Question :)

Hi Guys,

I am looking to develop a super simple app for myself in order to open up my Vaccine Certificate while traveling. Nothing fancy, nothing for the public. I managed to implement the 2 pictures, I just don’t know how to install this app now on my iphone. I don’t need this to be in the appstore etc, just for my personal use. Any help is really really appreciated.

Thanks a lot

If its for Android you can build the APK and side-load it. You just need to get the APK file on your phone some how and execute it. What I do is just email it to myself and open up my email from my phone and download it to my downloads folder and run it from there. It will execute the installer and give you all kinds of warnings about not being verified or unsafe because it hasnt been checked by the Play Store. But just ignore those and it will install it anyway.

If its for Apple youre out of luck. They wont let you install any app on their devices unless it has been reviewed, approved and put on their App Store.

Oh, thanks a lot John. Well I don’t want my Vaccine Pass all over the App Store hahaha.
Maybe I add it to the store, install it and then delete it from the AppStore? I don’t know, just thinking about solutions.
Anyways, thanks again!!

Honestly, I dont think Apple would approve an app like that to put up on their App Store. They are very stringent on the apps they approve, and they must be accessible and usable by more people than just you.

Google on the other hand doesnt seem to care. As long as it doesnt crash they will publish anything.

You can access the app using testflight, without having to make it available on App store. you can do the whole process of setting up a developer account and load it on App store connect then use testflight to get the app on your device without submitting to App store