Support display cutouts on iOS and Android

How to handle the Safe Area with AppGyver on phones with camera cutouts?

When I adjust content for phones with cutouts on the other phones there is a huge margin on top and bottom.

Hi! I don’t think we have a good solution for this yet :thinking: perhaps there could be a system variable we could add that would provide this information, but I’m unsure. If you could, it would be cool if you could post a feature request on our tracker so we could figure out what type of a solution we could in the future offer for this.

As things stand, the workaround that comes to mind is making a very precise formula using system variables for runtime and screen width/height to figure out if the phone is a model where there are screen cutouts or not. Of course this is rather imprecise as listing all the different phones would be rather bothersome, but that’s what comes to my mind, at least…

Both in iOS and in Android native code you can find easy solutions to this problem.

From my perspective easy solution would be to add option to detect if device has notch or not (both systems have solution for that if I’m not mistaken). Then we could just show/hide safe area component on screen.

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Yup, so that would mean that it could be a system variable for us to quite easily add, which could be used for styling height of a custom nav bar, or similar.