Support for BTP OData destinations

Hello, as you may have noticed, using Community edition Composer Pro I started to see the following set of updates:

For instance with GetCollection:

I have got access to a SAP BTP Free-tier account and know how to use BTP destinations there.
Is support for BTP OData destination documentation publicly available?
many thanks; Piotr

Hi @Piotr_Tesny, you can pick “OData integration” as a data resource type in the Data resource configurator to enter the configuration wizard where you can connect to your OData resource:

sure. This is what I know and have been using so far. But what about the BTP destinations? thx; Piotr

Hi @Piotr_Tesny, sorry for the mixup. The BTP destinations support for flow functions has been implemented but it’s not yet publicly available. It’s coming up on the roadmap.

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