Support for new Android requirements

Hi @Kirill_Leventcov ,

The following is build warning from Play store. Can AG offer a 100% date when the new play integrity API will be implemented.

Please, no vague responses. Either “Yes, by xx/xx/xx” or no idea. No “we are working towards it” … “its on the roadmap” etc.


The developer of play-services-safetynet ( added the following note to SDK version 17.0.0:

The SafetyNet Attestation API is being discontinued and replaced by the new Play Integrity API. Begin migration as soon as possible to avoid user disruption. The Play Integrity API includes all the integrity signals that SafetyNet Attestation offers and more, like Google Play licensing and better error messaging. Learn more and start migrating at Discontinuing the SafetyNet Attestation API  |  Android Developers

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AppGyver does not directly use the ‘SafetyNet Attestation API’, but Firebase does. So the following message will, unfortunately, pop up until Firebase stops using the deprecating API.

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