Support for RTL languages like Arabic & Hebrew

As an agency that serving clients from the Middle east We are wondering if there is a support for Right and Left languages. Can We insert some custom CSS code to enable the App to run from right to left?


@Mevi any idea :slight_smile:

No solution that I know of currently, sorry :grimacing: But I think it’s definitely something I think we need to have! I’m wondering if there would be a third party plugin that could allow this or how we could support it, a setting for the text component or a separate text component, perhaps. You could post about this on our tracker, especially if it isn’t something that a third party plugin wouldn’t solve (once we support third party plugins, by the end of this year hopefully)!

@Mevi Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

All They need is to allow us insert one line of CSS code direction: rtl .


oh, I see! CSS insertion isn’t possible and we’d probably want to rather include it as an option to set for the app, but it seems like it’d be very doable :slight_smile:

@Mevi Thanks for the breaking news (…option to set for the app…) - Can We expect next month for this feature?


Third party plugins would hopefully be available by the end of the year, but I really can’t give any timeline for RTL support specifically, unfortunately.

Hi! Any new updates about RTL support?

Thank’s a lot for your effort!

Hi! As getting our 2.X runtime took longer than we had hoped, third party plugins have been pushed back as well. I’m hoping for Q1/21 right now.

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Hi @Mevi

How time flies when you have fun :slight_smile:
Three months passed like A second - Any new updates about RTL support?


Third party plugin support is currently in the works as our schedule has been pushed back. Nothing about RTL support – linking the tracker issue here so that others looking for this may give it support.

Hi Mevi,

Thank you for A quick reply :wink:

What about solving this RTL issue by letting the users to insert some custom CSS?

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple, nor something we would be willing to do at the moment at least :confused:

Hey Mevi

Thanks for your reply. Just to make it clear, In other words You’re saying that this feature should not be expected to happen in the current year?

Yes, there are no guarantees this would be available in the current year. I just don’t know – it might be or it might not, more likely if there are more people voting on that tracker issue and less likely if there aren’t. I’m sorry I’m not able to answer more precisely.

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Hi Mevi

Can You attach link for voting?

Is there A link for “Insert custom CSS”? Is it on your road map?


Custom CSS isn’t on the road map, but RTL support is here, as linked above :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi

Thanks A lot for the link. already voted for that feature…

Hey there all,

Maybe consider supporting the RTL feature as it has 20 votes now and I think that’s not a bad number to consider adding the feature on your roadmap.