Survey to improve SAP AppGyver - share your thoughts! 💬

Hi all,

The team is actively working on a number of areas to improve certain features and overall UX. We’d love to hear more about your experiences lately with AppGyver in this 5 minute survey.

:point_right: Take the survey here.



Much appreciated initiative.

Did you just made this survey using userZoom instead of AppGyver?! :open_mouth::sweat_smile:
I’m teasing you :wink:

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Great, I will be really interested that the results are shared.

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just stop making it worse with every update

This is from one of the SAP UX team’s initiatives, so yes they’re using one of the main corporate tools :smiley:

Hello. I’m brand new to AppGyver. Can you tell me what types of apps AppGyver can and can not be used to build?
Thank you

That survey closed reeeaal quick…

Any takeaways from the survey responses to share with the community?


Hi Fred. The results are still being analyzed and a report is being prepared. Once we have something to share with the community, I’ll update everyone here.