Survey to improve SAP AppGyver - share your thoughts! 💬

Hi all,

The team is actively working on a number of areas to improve certain features and overall UX. We’d love to hear more about your experiences lately with AppGyver in this 5 minute survey.

:point_right: Take the survey here.



Much appreciated initiative.

Did you just made this survey using userZoom instead of AppGyver?! :open_mouth::sweat_smile:
I’m teasing you :wink:

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Great, I will be really interested that the results are shared.

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just stop making it worse with every update

This is from one of the SAP UX team’s initiatives, so yes they’re using one of the main corporate tools :smiley:

Hello. I’m brand new to AppGyver. Can you tell me what types of apps AppGyver can and can not be used to build?
Thank you

That survey closed reeeaal quick…

Any takeaways from the survey responses to share with the community?


Hi Fred. The results are still being analyzed and a report is being prepared. Once we have something to share with the community, I’ll update everyone here.


Hi everyone. Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey and also for your patience as we gathered the results! There were many valuable insights and, as a result, were actually turned into items on our product roadmap. While we can’t share all the raw data, here are some key takeaways from the study and next steps.

Key insights:

  • AppGyver has an active user community that has played a significant role in contributing to the platform development.
  • Participation: very positive to see 71 participants took the survey and commented. Participants were sourced from social channels and this forum.
  • User skill insights: AppGyver users are within various coding literacy levels, from zero coding experience to professional developer.
  • Lack of community forum support has been an issue. (Note: We’ve been fully aware of this, and we are making plans for Community Edition which hopefully address this, as our resources for the forum have been stretched).
  • Overall NPS on usability: Overall NPS was satisfactory, but areas of improvement were identified. Usability score was lower among non-coders and higher among expert coders.

Follow-up study: As a follow up to the survey, the UX teams also performed an SAP-internal usability study:

  • Participants had no previous knowledge of AppGyver, and no programming backgrounds.
  • They were asked to perform standard tasks such as create a new app project, preview the app, find a component from marketplace.

Findings from follow-up study:

  • Certain things in UI were not intuitive or obvious, such as changing device format or installing a component from the marketplace.
  • The team identified some easy UX fix issues and other areas that would need total re-working, such as the Build Service.

Next steps - Interactive study on the Build Service

Following these results, one of our next steps is to conduct closer studies on the Build Service in particular. We would again appreciate your ideas and feedback by participating in this online interactive study :point_down::point_down:

It should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

The sessions will be screen-recorded for analysis purposes. All insights and answers gathered from our studies are collected and treated anonymously. A Non-Disclosure and Release Declaration form must be signed prior to participation (detailed instructions included in the link).

  • No preparation is needed
  • You can only participate via a desktop device
  • Study will be closed when we have gathered enough data.

Thanks so much for your continued support! We plan to do more of these kinds of surveys and studies this year. So if you’re particularly interested in participating and sharing your thoughts with us, feel free to reach out to me.


Have you considered having a paid tier plan? Keep the free tier for anyone but offer users the option to pay 5 to 9.90 USD for example. I’d be happy to pay for giving more “resources” to the forum (and maybe some kind of premium support), resources which would benefit everyone, including free tier users.

Having only a free version does not do you and us any good.

Thanks for sharing the results :pray:

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Hi Fred, thanks for this feedback and sorry for the late reply! As has been the case since past AppGyver days, we offer full support for our enterprise customers and encourage Community Edition users to stay active and connected in this forum. While not a perfect solution, I’d also point out SAP Community as a useful channel for tapping into another group of experts: SAP Build Apps | SAP Community

Many questions and info shared there is definitely relevant for Community Edition too - even if it’s called Build Apps. If you go to ‘Ask a Question’ it is visible to a large audience of AppGyver/Build Apps community experts and SAP staff. You can also see previous activity under Q&A.

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Thanks, I’m registering to this new forum, thanks for the suggestion.

Please ask SAP to move their CAPTCHA feature up… :roll_eyes:

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