Switching Platform from AppGyver to Niotron

Hi guys,

Has anyone ever use Niotron app builder? They have ad support feature of admob, facebook ,unity ads etc. which they provide only in $3.30 a month and the best thing is if you don’t renew after buying the ads won’t stop in your app you can still earn from ad revenue rest of your life. ( So Basically we can make unlimited apps in a month and earn from ad revenue even after our monthly plan get expired. Platform is similar to Kodular but Kodular take commission and Niotron don’t.
So I was thinking of switching to Niotron until Appgyver has its ad support.

Sorry for bad English.

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I worked for a long time with Kodular. My question is… taking away the issue of monetization in both platforms, for you which one is better and why?

Honestly I prefer Appgyver only because it is easy to use but Niotron gives ton of options in app building and it’s bit complicated to understand the whole platform

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