Sync data between local and Rest API


I would like to sync data between my local Appgyver database and a rest API.

It will be a list of variables.

I have added a trigger event for when I click a button for clients name It saves it on the cloud as well.

I am just not sure how to auto sync it to the restAPI from the client side.

Is there a tutorial I can follow somewhere? This video helped me.

The only thing I would add is that if every single column of data isn’t filled in, the Get Schema from Get Collection may not pull in the full schema. I pulled in the Schema from Get Record instead and used a record I specially added to my data that had every single field filled in.

Hi Carri,

I clicked on the link but the page doesn’t exist. I think it was taken down.
Do you maby have another link for me?

All the AppGyver videos in the onboarding are also on Vimeo as well. Good luck! I played around with this quite a bit using my Airtable and was impressed with how easily it works. And I’m a designer, not developer.

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