Synchronizing data from server with device storage?

I am trying to load data faster into app.
For example: I have a page with a list of items, each item has information from an sql database via rest-api. It takes like a second to load on the screen, my guess is that this happens because every time I open the page it has to reload the data into the app.
I want this to be as quick as the page layout is loaded if you get what I mean. I thought of somehow synchronizing the data from the sql database with de device storage in the background, but I dont know how I should make this the most optimal way. Or it there a better alternative way? How do you guys do this?
Thanks in advance



Would adding a spinner or something to indicate loading to the user solve your issue? I’m not sure if a second of load time is worth optimizing and loading everything on-device :slightly_smiling_face: Also, by default data variables are loaded only once when the page is mounted for the first time, so it shouldn’t be loading every time you open the page unless you’ve added logic for that. Is your list exceptionally large? That might be the cause of the loading time.

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My app has around 30-35 lists with 20-25 images in it. will it affect my loading time? If yes then by how much

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Hey @Aditya_Gupta ,

It’s difficult to say, it depends on a lot of things like the backend, logic, image structure, and list contents. In my personal opinion 30-35 lists sounds like a lot for one app, but as said it depends mostly on how and when you load them all. Best way to find out about the loading times would be to test your way forward :slight_smile:

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