Syncing data without having to Update entire App

Hi all. I need to update my database without the users having to update the entire app each time - data can change daily - any advice greatly appreciated.

Do you mean you want the data to automatically update without the user having to close the app and open it again?

Hi, thanks for taking my question. I am new to app development and not sure how apps handle data. I need to make frequent changes to property listings - how do I “publish” these changes? I have a “Refresh/Sync” to latest data button - my idea is that a the app is open, the user can click and update the latest data - will this work? My second question is how do I update the data - do I have to launch to App Stores each time? I am trying to avoid users having to update the entire App everytime there is an update as these will be very frequent. Thanks in advance for any advice you have.

Hi! You need to use a backend/database for your data to do this :slight_smile: Please see tutorials on data in our docs, starting from here perhaps!

Many thanks - I am working through the tuts now. If I may ask, if I want to do a full version upload, do I still use the Launch function - but then does it require the entire “authorisation” process again by Apple?

Yes, if you publish a new version on App Store, it will go through Apple’s QA again.

:ok_hand: Many thanks! Much appreciation :slight_smile: