Tags, users and text - input and search

ok… so I am really new, so easy on me. I have been watching appgyver youtube videos from @Mevi and trying to stumble my way through. I have what I believe to be a very simple thing I am trying to do, but I seem to have a small gap that stops it from working.

I want to have users enter text, enter #tags and @usernames (can be in 3 input fields) then on a new page be able to search by those things and have the whole post show up.

Where I am getting stuck is… well all of it. But to progress for now, I am trying to see that I have setup my data configurations correctly.

Any help would be great!


Can you show an example from an app that has a similar feature like this that you’re getting?

For the search part, I suggest looking into SELECT formula :slight_smile:

Great thank you, I will start playing with SELECT.

probably the closest thing would be twitter. I want users to be able to submit a “tweet” then add tags to it.

Then I would like users to be able to filter submissions by a tag or combination of tags.

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