Take Photo - Close Windows After Capture

Hi All,

so i have managed to get the apps taking photos but when clicking capture i expect the camera to close and go back to my original screen. this does not happen immediately. i have to click the back arrow or wait some time before the camera closes on its own?

surely there is a close camera flowevent?


The camera should close automatically when capture is clicked. It may be slow to react after capture is clicked, so it may take a second or so, but it shouldn’t take longer than that. Are you experiencing something else? If yes, it would help if you could provide me the app id and page where you have a setup I could test, and the information of the device you’re testing on (device and OS).

There’s no specific camera close events available for now, but you can trigger flow functions after camera has closed by connecting them to the flow function that opens the camera.

i see a delay of up to 5 seconds, its to long… also there is no haptic feedback to let the user know the photo was taken or a white flash on the screen to give some kind of indication the photo was taken. this module needs serious work. we take a lot of photos and will be chaining this to take multple photos it will annoy my users if there is not some kind feedback and speed to the capture process.

i am using Android. app id is 100508. its the tech demo i did to test some of our most important requirements work. we have started working on a full app and are waiting for a resolution to this issue.

Ah, hmm. I tested out your app and even on my slowest device the response of the camera closing happens in way less than a second, and I don’t remember experiencing extreme slowness in other cases either. What is the device you’re using?

With the knowledge I have so far, there’s no immediate fix for this on the line unless I can get a solid reproduction of the issue, but when we do get custom plugins available, you would be able to include your own camera plugin with whatever modifications and improvements if the performance of our camera plugin does not work for you.