Take Photo does not work in SAP Build Preview App?


I just created a new app which only does “Press button” → Take Photo. Unfortunately, nothing happens both in Android and iOS SAP Build Preview App. The press is executed (tested with Alert).
Is this a bug?


Hi! Does the SAP Build Apps Preview have permissions to take photos? You can check this from your phone’s settings.

Yes, I checked this.

Also a simple “open page” does not work. It works in the browser preview but in the Preview App, the new page does not open. When attaching the debugger, it shows that Open Page was executed.
Is something wrong with the Preview App or is SAP Build Apps Preview the wrong one? I have the version from 13.02.2023, same issue on iOS and Android.

“Open page” has an issue if your app does not have navigation (tab bar) enabled it won’t work in the currently out version. Should work if you enable navigation though.

As for take photo, I don’t know. I checked quickly and was able to take photo in the latest SAP Build Apps Preview, so it’s not broken on the whole. Did the permissions show the camera permission for you correctly or was did camera permissions not appear for that app?

I have this issue also - the take photo FF seems to be related to the “open page” bug (perhaps it uses the same flawed logic internally?) I reported it here (Disabling nav menu prevents pages opening | Voters | AppGyver Community Edition). Enabling navigation was the workaround for both “open page” and “take photo” FFs

I am facing the same issue as well

  1. “Take Photo” not working on Android and iOS SAP Build Preview App - I have already verify that all permission is given

  2. “open page” not working unless i set “open in model” as true - i already have costume bottom navigation bar if enable through navigation need to change change at may place and can’t change the colors

if other facing the name issue please do update

It is working for me, I just made a video using this today (below).

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I have the same issue only within the preview app on both Android and iOS. I haven’t tried building the app to see if that works.

If I turn on ‘Navigation menu’ the camera works correctly. If I turn off ‘Navigation menu’ (which is what I want) then the camera won’t open.

Is there a fix for this? I don’t want Navigation turned on in my app, the pages are all dynamically driven from the information in the page, not through nav.

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