Take photo / pick image from gallery buggy!

Hi, I’ve been spending multiple hours on setting up a button for adding images or taking photos… sometimes it seems to be working, sometimes it acts completely weird.


  • pick image from gallery is sometimes not opening at all
  • pick image from gallery is sometimes not passing the image to the container
  • take photo is opening the gallery instead the camera screen
  • take photo is opening the gallery and the camera screen even though only take photo is tapped
  • take photo is sometimes not passing the taken image to the container but rather a white screen


I’ve followed @Mevi 's video: Mevi's Component Factory - Image picker & preview - YouTube and implemented this solution with page variables as app variables did not work with this set up.

add media button set up:

container set up:

tap container set up:

(video button functionality is not implemented yet, ideally i would love to combine take photo/video if that’s possible. any idea is very much appreciated)

thanks for your help!

little bump on this thread

It’s working fine with pick image. But camera not working yet in Android.

pick image from gallery is not working for me properly on iOS as well. Sometimes it is not opening the image gallery at all…
It would be great if someone has a workaround for this because the image picker is one of the main components of my app.

This is our setup and it works just fine, not sure if something is different on yours, feel free to compare/duplicate this process. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! You are a great help. Will definitely try this :slight_smile:

I can only point you to Steve Sada’s YouTube series on appgyver. He built an app step by step with a picker to set a profile image. May be of some help.

@Apple71 if you can, please let me know exactly what goes wrong and where – are you experiencing these issues only on iOS (?) or also on Android? What is the preview app version you’re using? I’ll do a little testing myself using take photo / pick image from gallery to see if I can reproduce the issues you’re describing :thinking:

EDIT: found out that some of the outputs of pick image / take photo changed and have to be modified. These do not affect the path output, but some of the others.

@Mevi I was able to sort it out yesterday. The issue was that I implemented the logic twice one time as tap container and one time inside the container as tap text.
The tap text logic was the faulty one that I completely forgot about to remove :smiley: I’m sorry for the confusion.
Thanks everyone for the help!

Along these lines, are there any updates on inserting videos from gallery and displaying them within the app?

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Videos are… not the best right now. No video upload other than take video I think, and the only way to display is the video player, which is a separate window. Third party plugin support would enable using a third party plugin for this… but since this is a feature that is probably used a lot, we are likely to make a flow function and perhaps a component for it ourselves when third party plugin support is there.

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