Take Photo, Select Image From Library -- does not return the file path

Hi everyone!

I followed the instructions given in Mevi’s component library tutorials and made an app to take a photo or select an image from my library. Here are the issues:

  1. After taking a photo using Take Photo flow function, it does not return anything. This happens only on my iPhone 11 with iOS 14.

  2. The same issue occurs when I select an image from my photo library. This happens only on my Huawei P20 Android device.

I confirmed that the flow functions did not return anything by attaching the output to the Toast function and binding its content to (1) outputs[“Take photo”].photoFile or (2) outputs[“Pick image from library”].imageFile.

Any idea?

Hm, so there is really nothing in the outputs? My assumption would be that there would be something, but perhaps with the wrong type of path (there are compatibility issues with iOS vs. Android paths at the moment that are hopefully getting solved in the upcoming rehauls of the file upload etc. flow functions), but if it’s really empty… :thinking: I would check permissions just in case, the app requires permissions to the file system to be able to access image path, not sure if this is grouped under photo/gallery permissions or not.