takePhoto not outputting Name string

Hi there. When using takePhoto, I’m trying to set a PageVar for the Name assigned by the takePhoto function. It doesn’t appear to be setting it. It is included in the Path, but the function shows that the Name is set (if applicable). Just wanted to check when this function would assign the name variable. I can always extract it from the Path but having the Name would make it easier. Thanks!

You found a bug! The filename is being mapped to file.filename, when it should be file.name. Will fix: https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/when-a-flow-function-outputs-a-file-object-filename-is-under-the-wrong-field

For now, you can access the filename with the outputs["Take photo"].photoFile.filename expression (until we fix the bug).

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Yupp that explains… I just could not get what I was doing wrong …