Tap Component Workflow from Marketplace does not work


I am trying to use the tap component worklfow from the marketplace, but it does not work. I tested it with an icon + a button. But both tab events did not fire.

Calling the tap component:

What should be executed:

Any help on this?

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I see also that this was not updated since 2019. Is there some process where the community can help on keeping those things up to date?

Hi, I tested the “Tap component” flow and it seems to work fine with this kind of setup (Alert is displayed when the first button is tapped):



Are you sure that your Action sheet and If condition flows are going through, so the tap component flow actually gets executed?

Hi @Mavi

thanks for your response and your test.

I just tested it myself again. And yes, if you are choosing a “button” then it works. But in my case I tested the following components:

  • Checkbox → does not work
  • Icon → does not work
  • Composite Component (Button with Icon) → does not work

But for button (so your case, it worked for me).

Is this the intended behavior of the tap component flow?

Hi, seems like a bug since it’s not working similarly for all components, I’ll report it forward.

Is there a reason why you don’t just use “Open page” in place of “Tap component” if that’s what you want to achieve?


Hi @Mari

Thanks, no the flow above it is just test ;). I wanted to press an invisible Button, but I just created a flow and used it.
So there is no blocking part on my side :slight_smile:

Just wanted to report that this is not working.

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