Tap to call number troubleshooting

as a 120% no coder with no coding experiance,i am limited to online tutorials and thus limits me a bit.

I have a detailed page that updates from the backend…I need to be able to tap number and automatically call the number in device.

I have found the Open contact form in the flow function market place but i am stuck at the moment.
on trying the above my phone asked permision ,after allow nothing happens.
Any info would be greatky appreciated


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Lol that’s a Gem Martin :smiley:
Let me try help you with my 100% no coder knowledge :slight_smile:

I really do not know about “Open contact” as I have never used it. It can be to just “open” the contact from your contacts list. Never tried it. BUT: what I do do… Or had had done was to use html formatting to get a call… Sort of like “sending email”.
And I think it pretty much covers your needs.

You will first be needing to install a flow fromthe market named:
Open URL

After installation select the paragraph/title/button/etc… that of which you have set your number to be called written.

Open the logic bar from the bottom and drag the Open URL Flow into the field to connect to the EVENT->Component tap

In its properties type in the number you want with an included “tel:” just before it…

This is a really COOL little Flow and I am often ever so grateful to its maker… Because you can add all kind of things it supports… Like if you type mailto: before it you get the person to send an email (AGAIN after the phone grants permission)

I tend to go even as far as to have the email contents pre set… sort of like typing:
mailto:info@fakesite.com?subject=Just Laughs&body=This is just typed to give Martin an example text&63

This would send an email (From your selected/permitted account) to an email address called info@fakesite.com and in it’s subject bar it would write “Just for laughs”. In the email itself it would write “This is just typed to give Martin an example text”…
Do note that it doesn’t auto-Send… It just auto fills… You still have to click “send” . This only is useful for memberships and what not when you want specific feedback mail that have specific contents in it.

Hope this was of some use to you!

Ps: as a bonus… the phone number stated in the sample image is for a fake Santa with automated messages…:slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Berter, will test it out tomorrow and let you know how it went.
Much apreciated.

Hi again,just wanted to say a big thank you,it worked like a charm…
PS… thanks 4 Santa

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That’s great news!
Best of luck and loads of success to what ever else is to come your way with these…

(Never called it personally as I live in a different country: but I have had to present a telephone number once for an app demo and it was just humorously/perfectly fitting)