Teaching practices for a better distribution of knowledge in the forum

Teaching practices for a better distribution of knowledge in the forum

My English is not so good, but I hope everyone understands!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

The 100% free plan includes publishing your app to the app stores or web. We can even host your site on our CDN if you’d like. We provide a Google Firebase connector for free, and we don’t put any limits on the usage of third-party backends for production apps either. You can build both non-commercial and commercial apps – no strings attached.

When I came across these words right away I thought:
“Wow, the revolution in the world of nocode apps.”

  • We are a community that in most posts has more problems than resolutions;
  • Most of the time we don’t find good answers;
  • What to do to get around this?

“The Plan”

:point_right: To get around these problems, we need the support of all users subscribed to this forum who like to use Composer Pro, as it is an amazing tool and it will only grow even more if everyone helps.
:point_right: That way we will create a knowledge base, and the whole community will be richer in knowledge, so we can help more and more.
:point_right: Do this so that we can organize all the knowledge we have about these tools and work as a team to solve all kinds of bugs and problems that appear.

:gem: Use the “Community Guides” category for any kind of tutorial that is to add knowledge for everyone.

Thank you for reading everything that has been written, we are in this together!:handshake::smile:


When I saw that features of Appgyver I was like - Man this is awesome.

I used bubble and still I prefer to use it, i spend over 2 week to creating an app here on Appgyver what I was creating in bubble.

So it was a ride sharing platform and the main element was location and location search.

I couldn’t use the location search service of Google map because of Appgyver platform fault so I asked the community

And but sadly due to no solutions i switched back to bubble and began from where I left.

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@Siddharth_Gupta | Dude, what I think is that when you have a free tool of this size at your disposal, you have to give it a lot of value, and do everything to help support, help is the word. First we help and then with all this positive energy things start to move. Appgyver has enormous potential, only those who are developing with it independent of personal projects, but testing, building and hunting for alternatives, know the potential of this community and this software. I am very grateful to Appgyver for bringing easy-to-use no-code solutions. And about the “bug” of the google maps api, man, sometimes we have to search deeply and find alternative solutions, surely if they didn’t answer you it’s because they still don’t know what it is or don’t know how to solve it. Appgyver has a lot to improve, it’s already pretty good for a free tool, but there’s always room for growth, and if we users don’t put energy into it unfortunately it will never have enough strength to leverage. I know appgyver developers are human and they all need motivation and we need to provide that motivation. I understand your point of wanting to carry out your project, but that’s how things work, in the bubble you can set up your project and make it happen, but surely taking it out of development and putting it into production will cost you a few dollars, and here at Appgyver you have complete freedom to do whatever you want without paying anything, and that’s amazing. Thanks for the feedback! In the future it will be better. :metal: :grinning:

It’s not a long back when I learned digital marketing and started building websites based on drag and drop elements. It was just few days ago when I told a guy to write my essay for me and during research I found out about this less complicated platform for apps. It made myself ready to learn about it more because of its drag and drop usage. For a non technical background this a good place to start.