Technical questions ver2

Hi, team

Following the last time, I have some questions. These are below.

  1. Is it possible to support SDK other than API for detailed logic that is not supported by No-code Low-code?

  2. Is it possible to import data from the web or Excel file, or to export it to Excel or PDF?

  3. I wonder if it is free to distribute apps created by AppGyver.

  4. Whether the lock object used in SAP is also available in the AppGyver (when it is locked by the AppGyver, I can check the lock in SAP and control the existing Standard (CBO) screen).

  5. Companies using SAP want to print large amounts of data (more than 100,000 cases), is it possible to use AppGyver?
    If possible, could you tell me how long it takes to print more than 100,000 pieces of data?

  6. There are many existing companies that use SAP that use IE environment as their company standard, but is it possible to use the app giver in IE?

Thanks again!! :slight_smile:

Hi! Here are some brief answers – for more info on the SAP side, you might need to contact someone from BTP teams :slight_smile:

  1. Not before third party plugin support
  2. You would need an external API for this, but if you do find one there should be no issue
  3. Yes
  4. Umm not at the moment at least I think
  5. Might be tricky, depends on what you mean by “print”. Displaying that large amounts of data at once is probably going to be impossible, but if it can be queried or a little at a time is accessed, it’s doable
  6. Unfortunately not at this point at least.
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