Tel: hiperlinks not working on Android in a webView

I have a webview component calling a website that uses a couple of links to phonenumbers. This works fine a the browser on a PC, but in the android device / webview keeps showing: ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME.

Is there any property in webview I’m missing out?

Hi! This is a known issue on Android that is not limited to us. I don’t know which of the solutions proposed online might work, but please let us know if you find out! Those that would modify the settings of WebView don’t work as you can’t modify the WebView’s settings other than available in Composer, but other than that it’s possible to find a fix for this. If not, then my best suggestion is to wait until third party plugins are available and fix this there as a custom thing. Another option is to make a request on our tracker for a fix or feature to the WebView that would enable this for Android.

Thanks! I did find a workaround for this. It is kinky and elaborated but, it works! On the website the “tel:” prefixed URLs were replaced with “#tel:” (not beautiful, but it’s ok in our use case). Then in the app, I added a global variable that will be used to contain the required correct URL (without the trailing #). In the webview component, I’m monitoring the onLocationChange event and set this new variable whenever it fits. On the page, I added a new event to monitor changes over the newly created variable, and there if required I do the “open URL” using the correct version of the URL (the one without the # trailing). This is an ugly workaround as it requires changes in the supporting website but, in my case this is ok.