Terminate app on back button

Is there a logic to terminate the app when the last page is being closed with the back button.

I would like to show a confirmation box to terminate the app. The reason for this is, when the app is running in the foreground after pressing the back button, if the user clicks the app on their phone they get stuck on the splash screen.

Nnnno, there isn’t any logic like that available that I know of. Log out should just return to the initial screen of the app, I don’t think it’s typical for any other commonly used apps to quit either.

Well there is a bug when the app is in the foreground after pressing the back button, when selecting the app in the foreground it freezes on the splash screen.

Hmm? I haven’t heard of that. Can you go into more detail on how this situation is created? Only on a standalone build right? Android? Is it that you’re on the “bottom” page and then try to go back (from Android native back button) and then it gets stuck on the splashscreen?

Yes you are correct about that when i am one the bottom page(first page on app launch) in android standalone build (no authentication)

  1. when i hit the android native back button it goes into background with recent apps.

  2. When the app is selected from recent apps, only the splash screen is comes up and it freezes there.

Please download the app via google play and check out the issue.

Hi! I was able to verify this bug and submitted a ticket about it.

Thanks, great please update me or cc me when this is fixed thanks very much.


Hi! Sorry I forgot to let you know – this was fixed in 2.5.7!

Hello there.!! I have the same problem in version 2.10.2 as @Nicole_Whiskie describes it in his message, could you help me?


I’m seeing this with my standalone Android build using 3.0.5 runtime.

  • Launch app (no auth)
  • Hit Android back button
  • Touch app icon again
  • Stuck on splash screen until force close

Me too. I have to close the app under android to get past the splash screen

I didn’t get it. Do we have a solution? How do we detect when a user clicks on the android back button?

Hi! What is the issue you’re facing? There is no way to detect user using the android back button, but is your app ending up in a weird state? Please explain in more detail :slight_smile:

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So, i have a news app which plays audio for each news item. I want voice to stop when user click on back button. Currently i don’t have any solution for this. Audio keep playing even when user has moved to other app using back button.

Hmm. I see. I can’t think of a solution at the moment, but it would be good if you could upvote this feature request: Ability to track location when app backgrounded/closed | Voters | AppGyver