Test environment

I know using the hobby data source doesn’t allow for separate test and live “databases” and I can understand why and live with it. But what if I want to try something out on Page X. I can’t make a copy of Page X so I have to memorize all it did in case I need to roll back. Even if I could make a copy of my whole app, it would allow me to then experiment on a couple of pages. Am I missing something? How do others create a development and production “environment”? Thanks.

Hi! There’s no ready-made solution for this as of yet*, but we have implemented separation of dev/prod environments by e.g. using an app variable that has the information of which environment to use (set e.g. on login) and using this to determine what data to put into the app/page/data variables in use in the app.

*As far as I know, this is planned to be implemented at some point as an AppGyver Black feature for enterprise users, but nothing prevents you from creating this separation yourself e.g. like above.

Hi! Would it be possible for you to explain a little bit more about how you use the App Variable to determine which environment to use?