Text became invisible on multiline text input


My app have a page where one field is a multiline text input.

My problems are the following:

  • How to size this multiline text component correctly so the whole component is visible when the mobile phone virtual keyboard is open on the screen?

  • When the multiline text input component have many lines of text, more than can be shown on the component on screen, the text simply becames invisible. I can click and edit it, but the text is invisible. Text is visible initially, but as soon as you input a certain number of lines the text disappears. It’s there, but not visible. The behaviour is the same with input field component and primitive input component.

Any advice?


Hi @Marcio_Moreira, it’s a known problem with the multiline text that the text box does not resize correctly. It appears as blank when you enter a new line of text and the previous one goes “up” → out of sight. An improvement to this is in the works!