Text not showing in preview when using formula

Good afternoon,

So I may need a little help here because I may be missing something. I have the following formulas which produce desired text output in Composer Pro, but when I attempt to preview via the app or web page, it’s just blank.




Am I missing something? Normal text without a formula seems to work fine. Is this part of a bug?

Eric W.


The issue is most likely that data.avFirstattempt[0] does not contain any data when you’re running the app. The preview values work because example data is also stored along with the schema, and the formula preview is working off that stored data.

The simplest construct to debug would be repeating over data.avFirstattempt (as your data is in a collection) and binding content to e.g. Description with normal non-formula bindings.

Use debug. No need to guess what is going wrong, just look.

Thank you Pekka, I give it a try.