Text to spach in appgyver

Hello, I’m so new to AppGyver and I don’t know how powerful it is yet, but I made an android app using java and the users are requesting another version and I’m too lazy to code it so I would like to try appGyver. basically, the app is a list of words in Turkish and under each word the meaning in Arabic and when the user press on any item in the list the text to speech engine will pronounce the word in Turkish.
this is a link to the app if you need to see more The app on Google play
is this possible with Appgyver and any advice on how to achieve the same result, thanks.


I haven’t heard of implementing text to speech on AppGyver, but maybe it could be possible with the help of a REST API to which you could send text and the response would be an audio file of the pronounciation. I don’t know if those kinds of APIs exist, but that would be the approach with AppGyver :slight_smile: