Text with format "url" is unassignable to format "web-url"

I’m attempting to extract an asset url from a repeated JSON data source (the puppy image is for testing) and set it as an image component’s source.

I’m able to access the correct url and see it printed correctly in a paragraph component using the formula LOOKUP(PICK_ITEM(data.Logos1, 1), "path")

However, when I attempt to set it as a source url in my image component (prepending the URL function), I get the following validation error:

Text with format "url" is unassignable to format "web-url"

I’m not sure a. what the difference between these two formats are and b. how to create a this format in the formula editor.

Any help would be appreciated!

Basically web URL starts with http or https, but start of URL in general isn’t limited to those.

You should be able to use that URL even if Formula editor warns about the issue, but if you want the warning to go away, I think using URL Formula to wrap the whole existing Formula inside it should take care of that.

Both URL(LOOKUP(FIND(data.Logos1, item.name == current.name), "path")) and LOOKUP(FIND(data.Logos1, item.name == current.name), "path") don’t work when assigned to an image source. Any other tips?

I think those Formulas are correct, but you might be facing the same issue as here: Image not displaying - possible bug? So check those guidelines and let me know if that doesn’t help.

Hi - I’m reviving this thread as none of the fixes in the other thread have helped me. I basically have an image URL that’s dynamically being pulled in from airtable. If I assign the data variable holding the URL as the image source, nothing displays. However, if I hardcode the literal URL as the source, the image does show. Any guidance here? Thanks!

Ive always just set image data types to Any Text. Thats how ive always gotten them to work universally with everything.

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