The AppGyver app crashes when i try to preview my app

This started when I started working on the app on 2 computers. I don’t think it has to do with messed up logic. I deleted and reinstalled the app but that didn’t work, and my phone won’t connect to the debugger thing. What should I do?

Update: I think the issue started when I tried to add fonts with links. I wasn’t sure where to get the link from Google Fonts and I just started plugging links in :joy:. I removed those fonts and now the app doesn’t crash when I try to preview it, but it only shows the default Lorem Ispum heading and paragraph with no nav-bar.

Final Update: The issue was the authentification was enabled. So yeah… you guys should fix this.


Could you tell a bit more about this case, are you using iOS or Android? At what point does it crash, directly when opened or when you try to do something in your app? Definitely sounds like a bug, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

its ios and it crashes immediately.

Alright, can I get your app id so we can go take a closer look? :slight_smile: the id can be found in the url of your app, /builder/applications/app-id