The best way to add support for emojis?

What would be the best way to add support for emojis in appgyver without making a thousand nested REPLACE_ALL formulas?

I dont know if i understand right, but title and text, both support emojis

what do you mean with this one?

when they are in the form of the character codes for some reason it only shows the codes

oh ok, but why dont you save it as an emoji

Emojis appear as their hex code because the content of the field is raw text. I can’t necessarily this of a workaround, rather than substituting them with emojis using a formula (as you mentioned before).

Some posts are created in WordPress and that is how they are saved. But I have been able to add a content_stripped feild to the rest API, and that solved the issue. Now they are showing up. I think they are escaped somehow in the standard content field from rest API.

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