The layout breaks down in the preview for elements that are hidden by condition

In my application, the input fields follow each other in a column. When I click on the button, the hidden fields should appear so that I can enter data into them. On all these fields in the Visible property there is a formula with a condition. In the constructor, all fields look correct and there is a distance between them. They are set to “Top gap” and “Bottom gap” automatically (approximately 16 pixels). As a result, I see that when hidden fields appear, they all stick together, and there is no distance between them, although it is set. Why is this happening?

Do you mean app preview or within the builder? Add some screenshots.

Pretty much all of my pages look like this in the builder, but appear fine in preview and the real apps.


This is how my site looks in the constructor:

This is how my site looks in the preview:

All the fields just stick together and I can’t do anything about it.

If you add in a screenshot of the padding settings for the individual cells then maybe someone will spot the issue.

Hi @Marc_Kumerle, this sounds similar to the issue that was reported here and is on our backlog: