The pictures i upload on my application do not show on the preview app

Hello Appgyver Community ,I have been working on an App for a couple of months now and whenever i upload a picture so that it displays on the app it doesnt show on the preview app.How can i solve this problem?
The picture below is a preview not showing the picture under the “Subject” heading there

And also i have taken a picture to show how it should apprear

As there is no capture of your tree, it may be for a few reasons:

1). Scroll in properties: Horizontal scroll in “TRUE”
2). Scroll to Design: Turn on the horizontal
3). If the image is inside a container, to that container in “Adjust Content” layout
4). Note: If the image, is a Background Image container, in styles, PADDING, you play with the sizes above and only right.
5). If the image is an image component: You are going to design, and grow to the full width (Important: You must put that, image component in a container and apply step 3)

After the first component is there and its image, there is where it duplicates to repeat, since it is seen that you are not using any list of repetitions.

I also get very used to the fact that the Scroll goes inside a container, it is already the tastes of each person. And the background image in a contenderos, leaving something like in my tree. The difference in the image is that I use Apis as images, but it’s the same.