The repeater for images not working

  1. The repeaters are not working.
  2. The repeater are not working when given as data variable or page variabe.
  3. The repeaters are not working if given in formula as well.
  4. the container with the formula is not displayed in the preview page.

Hi, could you provide some screenshots of what you are trying to do so I can help you with the issue? This sounds like a possible issue with the repeat bindings.

@Mari . Is there anyway questions can be rejected at the input stage if they don´t include screenshots? Pretty much everyone needs to see one to have any hope of assisting people. It also encourages fully detailed questions where there is a good chance of people being able to assist.

Hi @Phil_Evans, I don’t think the forum allows for very sophisticated filtering (and some good questions come without screenshots too), but I’ll expand the topic template of the Question category to include a few mentions of best practices, including screenshots. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good.

I think the thing for everyone to remember is that good questions get good answers, and the more time and effort you have clearly invested in writing a question, the more other feel inclined to do likewise in writing a reply.

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It’s working Mevi, I was using the wrong DB connection, my bad.