The type "text / number" is not assignable to the type "text"?

Just trying the login/auth + CRUD using AppGyver backend.

If I keep default data field as “text / number”, I can’t get a input form to fill it because filed type has to be “number” OR “text”,

(It doesn’t sound right, since a number can be a string, while the opposite is not true.)

if I change it to “any value” to be filled, I can’t use this filed in a “list items” component (incompatible (the type “any value” is not assignable to the type “text / number”.

Do you have a fix?

Do you mean you cannot select text / number type variable as input value? It seems to work well for me. I tried this with page variable just now:


But either way, I think that input fields always change the value to string even if the variable type was number, so 6 would actually be “6”.

That in mind, I think if you use input fields to ask a number from user you could use formula function IS_NUMBER to check that the input value actually is number and then use formula NUMBER to make the value to an actual number if you need to save it as number to your backend etc.

I also have the same issue. I don’t see text / number as an input value from the drop down box. Neither do see the value string. There is text or number, but not text / number.

Do you mean when you define a data resource? If so, there’s a small icon that opens more settings. Press that and choose “Allow multiple types”. Then you can choose Text and Number as allowed types if you wish.

(Sidenote: We use “Text” as value type instead of “String” to make the value types intuitive also to those who don’t have background in programming)


I have the same issue except the property in question that is only the type “text” is a AppGyver Query Parameter through a REST API integration. I can only make the Query Parameter the type “Text” OR “Number” but not both, and I see no cog to make it both.

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