Theme Marketplace

Feels like I’m missing the obvious… The documentation references themes available in the maketplace, as well as another question mentioning a list of themes. I see components and logic but themes is empty. Is there another place to view or add to my project?

What exactly you want to add to your project? Are you thinking there is multiple theme template is available that you can import like logic and component?

When I think of themes I imagine a pre-made set of colors and styles. The default theme has a white background and blue buttons, etc. Are there any other established themes? A basic dark theme? The marketplace would seem like a place they would be, but I’m not seeing any. The maketplace has a “theme” category but it appears empty.

I’m asking if I’m looking in the right place or there just not any existing.

Yes, you are right. I don’t think any other theme is available other than default one. May be team will added in the future.