This is a question on lists

This is my first time on here. I have been playing with Appgyver for a few days and have created a simple list to practice using the program. At least I thought it was simple. :slight_smile:

I have created a list with an Icon on the left, then the name, and a chevron to the right.

Clicking the chevron(arrow) opens up a hidden container with an Update and a Delete button. Which all works prefect just the way I expected it to, Except!!!

The only problem I have, (I have many), but I will start with this one. Which is on clicking the update button. It updates the item in the list but I can not figure out how to re-sort the list.

I Create List Items (a, b, c) then update ( b ) to ( z ) now my list shows (a, z, c).

The only way I have even been able to even get close to re-ordering the list was with a page trigger event to do a pull-down-refresh and that works for about 2 seconds then goes right back to the way it was. So basically it flashes correct but doesn’t stick. I would think that since the formula worked I should have been able to move it to the update button so every time I click update it re-orders the list but no such luck.

So my question is how can I make my list stay sorted?

Then be prepared I have a few more questions!

Never mind.

I just got it to work.

Without me doing anything the list is ordered by default. I think it also states that in the documentation, But it looks like that only works on item creation. But on item update it doesn’t re-order the indexes I assume so they update but stay in place.

In order to make it work I added the sort formula to the repeat box and that seems to do the trick.

Now for my second question.

I’m trying to make the (chevron-down) on the right side of my list switch to the (chevron-up) when clicking it and visa-versa.

As I stated in my original question. When clicking the (chevron-down) it makes a container with buttons visible but it opens every list item.

Ok, I lied this is a two-part or third question.

How in the heck can I make it only open the one list item that I clicked the (chevron-down) on. As it is now it opens up every list item then clicking again closes them all. Which will get very annoying as the list grows because It will make it harder to find that item. So I would really love to know how to make it only expand one list item at a time.

Maybe you could use the Accordion component from the marketplace for an easier setup?
The up/down chevron is all set already.

I didn’t see that in the marketplace before. Now I can dissect that component and see what makes it tick. It will greatly increase my understanding of how appgyver works I think.

If you’re a good, famous component surgeon, the community would love your insights on the complexe multi combo checkbox component too! :sweat_smile: :wink:

Actually the drop downs and combo boxes will be the next thing I want to understand after I learn more about lists. A lot of the docs and video’s I have found seem to gloss over the basic stuff or worse seem to be outdated or at least months or years old for that matter. Some of the current ones unfortunately are not in English so it has been real time consuming trying to guess what they are saying.