This is about Enum

It is possible to create app variable (“enum”)

base {
local: “http://localhost:2300/”,
live: “http://live:2300/

then if i select local. the value should http://localhost:2300/

i though this enum type like that

but I set there . those value may expected value only

my temporary fix for this. I created app variable Object Type. add two object local and live.

This is the solution. Or in fact, the solution would be to have a “list of objects” where each object has 2 properties: “label”, “value”.
So your schema would look like this:

      "label": "local",
      "value": "http://localhost:2300/"
      "label": "live",
      "value": "http://live:2300/"

This you can use in a dropdown component as options for example.

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